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Nov 15, 2012 10:00pm EST
?when we come back 3 3 3 airstrikes... between israel and hamas .../ arr... forcing peeple... in the jewish state .../ to seek... shelter. hamas... launched... airssrikes today.../ killing... at... least three issaalls...///. launched airrtrikess... israel wednesday.../ on gaza .../ killing ... ten .../ including... hamassmastermind ... ah-med .../ al-jaabari...///. israeli... defense ministers.../ promise... the minister of deffnse ehud barak has instructed the idf to inflict a severe blow to he hamms terror infrastructure, to hamas' strategic long-range missiles like the ones that wereehit yesterday, the fajar 5 missiles, and israel will uutil we believe that these w objectives haa beennachieved.'' achiived.'' 3 israeli ... primee minister - israeli ... 3 3 has been chieved.'' achieved.'' israeli ... prime & netanyahu - / ays... the nation... relayed... a... plear message to hamas...///. while... the.... hamas chief -/ said... palestinians....will continue ...the "resissance"... against israel. b-p agrees to a monumental settlement.... over that 2010 oil pill in the gulf. gulf.the
Nov 18, 2012 9:00am EST
hamas's infrastructure, inside of the gaza strip. as for the ground war, which certainly caused more civilian casualties, a major escalation. israel called up 30,000 reservists and they are on the borders now, infantry and their tanks, simply waiting for the "go" order to head in and the israeli prime minister is willing to escalate it into a full ground war and that is largely seen as a warning to the peace negotiations going on, inside of cairo, to either have a cease-fire treaty signed sometime in the next 24 hours or there will be tanks rolling across these fields, into gaza. chris, back to you. >> chris: leland vittert reporting live from the israel-gaza border. thanks for that. joining us now, two leading senators on national security issues. saxby chambliss, vice chair of the intelligence committee an joe lieberman, head of the homeland security committee. senators, before we get to the benghazi investigation i want to ask you both about the growing conflict between israel and the palestinians in gaza. senator lieberman, while israel clearly has to be able to defend itself, do
Nov 18, 2012 10:00pm EST
sirrns, missile launc" launching"the five-day-old hamas in the gaza strip continuus.while israel's úiron dome' interceptor system shot down two incoming ockets... homes of ásuspected hamas militantsá in the gaza strip. meenwhiie... all along the border... there are platoons of issaeli troops,,waiting for the order too"go."president obama blamed palestinian militants for starting the round of fighting... 3106-122"there's no country on earth that would tolerate missills raining down on its citizens from outside its supportive of israel's right to defend itself from missiles says he has been in touch with the leaaers of isrrel, egypt, and turkey... cairo is taking the lead role in trying to pegotiate a peace deal between hamas and israel. 220- thousand portableesleep tents for infants and small children are being voluntarily reealled because of a safety the recall of the peapod and peapod plus travel beds took placeein part, after a 5-month old boy was found dead last against the all of the tent. consumers are being warned to stop using the tents immediately... . a lot of people wi
Nov 16, 2012 5:30pm EST
defend but... they also want he violence to end. those deaths. we want hamas tt not put them in harm's way." way.. the navy also aiming states and othhe world leadees ...consider hamas... a... terrorist group...///the egyptian primeeminnster... arrived in the gaza ssrip this morning,... to meet witt palestinian officials... a piece of art donated to a washington goodwill store... turns out to be an authentic salvador dali.a woman found this originnl, hand-signed and nummered etching while sorting ttroughha pile of items. the ppece -- titled "reflections" shop-goodwill-dot-com.the hundred dollars.ust over 91--- a... roup of young voterrs.. failss.. to get a onkey ...on the ballot.../.ecuador's... presidential elections... happen next ffbruary .../ and... thursday was the last day ... to... register candidates./.. so... a grouu attempted to bring a registration form... for "senor burro" ...or... "mister donkey"...// even though... the donkey got all dressed up....for the event... / he... was turnee away....// one mister donkey... supporter says... the grouu's goal... wassthe
Nov 16, 2012 10:00pm EST
.. we want hamas way." the navy also aaming targetssalong gaza's shoreline...//..he united ...consider hamas... a... terrorist group...///tte arriveddin the ggza strip this morning,... to meet with palestinian offiiials... abouu the attaccs. he was forced to leave quickly when the cease fire was brookn. 3 meet for the m-i---a rt hall championship tomorrow...what the teams needs to do if they want to in sportss unlimited... purr-ing up some trouble. why a ggy in a cat suit continues to harass employees at a gas station. [ dollar ] that's me. l50858544p. but i'm not just a number. i have a purpose. a higher purpose. [ muffled ] have some respect! not good. oh, man. hello? mm, no! finally -- the buck stops here. [ male announcer ] mcdonald's new hot'n spicy mcchicken. tender, juicy chicken with a crispy, spicy coating. at only a dollar, it's spicy, not pricey. but only for a limited time. it's been thh theme to this ravens' defense...bad injuries... causing guys to put on their big boy pants and the ravens are 7-and-2 minus three starters on "d."and a haloti ngata u
Nov 16, 2012 6:00am EST
other world leaderr consider hamas a terrorist organization.the egyptian prime minnster arrived in the gaza strip this morning, to meet with paleettnian &poffiiials about the ttacks. the c---a is opening up an director, general david e - petraeus.petraeus resiined last week as c---aadirector. director.this is a live llok on capitol hill.. where toddy... he will go bbfore congressional committees to pestiff on september's deadly ttrror attack on the u-s dippommtic mission in beeghazi, libya. president obama got an left by superstorm sandy.he visited victims on nee yyrk's staten isllnd on thursday..fter surveying the ddstruction from the sky, the president walkkd the mud-caked streets, aloog ith hii homeeand security chief, the governor of nnw york , and the mayor of new yook city.the biggest issue right now from people still without power more than two weeks aater sandy hit. occupy walllstteet protesters coold ave a revolltionary idea... to help peeple who are buried under student loan debt.a sub-grouu called "strikee ebt"... wants to anonymouslly pay off ther people's defa
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6